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Document Number: AJ-145
Title: Assorted Illustrations of North America
Source: AJ-145 is comprised of illustrations from nine different sources published between 1640 and 1764; to determine the source of a particular illustration, see its page description in the document viewer.
Pages/Illustrations: 78 / 77
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This document is a collection of illustrations captured from various seventeenth- and eighteenth-century books. Compiling these plates into a single document permitted us to include seventy-seven additional illustrations from nine different early accounts of American exploration. To learn the source of any image when it is open on your screen, click “Page Description” and consult the “Document Source” field. The author, title, and publication data about the original volume in which the illustrations appeared is always provided there.

An informative web site that discusses the interpretation of historical images is the Virginia Historical Society's "Early Images of Indians in Virginia" at

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