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Suggested Topics

Suggestions for National History Day Projects

  • Arthur Barlowe and the Roanoke Colony
  • Bro. Agustin Rodriguez and Francisco Sanchez Chamuscado’s expedition into New Mexico
  • Cabeza de Vaca, Indian Advocate
  • Catherine, the Iroquois Saint
  • Competing and conflicting ideas about property
  • Curiosity: Were the two peoples equally curious about each other?
  • Differing ideas about the relationships of humans to the natural world
  • Dominican Missions in California
  • Don Juan Oñate
  • Don Pedro de Peralta and the Founding of Santa Fe
  • European reactions to the songs and ceremonies of the Northeastern American Indians
  • Exploring the Mississippi: Marquette & Joliet
  • Fr. Eusebio Francisco Kino and the Missions in the Southwest
  • Fr. Jean Claude Allouez and the Mission of St. Francis Xavier
  • Fr. Jean Francois Buisson de St. Cosme and the Mission at Cahokia
  • Fr. Junipero Serra and the California Missions
  • Sir Francis Drake: Military leader or pirate?
  • Gallinee and Casson Map Lakes Ontario and Erie
  • Georg Wilhelm Steller and the Bering Voyage
  • George Popham and the Sagadahoc Colony
  • George Waymouth and Elizabethan colonial efforts
  • Gold: differences and similarities in Indian and European reactions to precious metals
  • Richard Hakluyt and the promotion of explorations
  • Sir Humfrey Gilbert
  • James Cook Charts the Pacific
  • Jaques Cartier of St. Malo
  • Jean Nicolet and the Ho-Chunk
  • Jesuit Missionaries
  • John Brereton
  • John Hawkins of Plymouth, England
  • John White and the first pictures of North America
  • Juan Dominguez de Mendoza Seeks Pearls in the Nueces River
  • Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and the discovery of the “South Sea”
  • Luys Hernandez de Biedma and the de Soto Expedition
  • Medical practices and theories of the two peoples
  • Medical practices during exploration and early settlement in America
  • Methods of communication between Europeans and indigenous peoples
  • Mining in the Colonial Southwest
  • Missionaries in the Southwest [. . . in the Northeast; . . . in the South, . . . etc.]
  • Navajo-Churro sheep: residue from early explorations
  • Nicolas Perrot and Trade with the Indians of the Upper Mississippi
  • Pierre Espirit Radisson and the founding of the Hudson Bay Company
  • Presence or absence of racial stereotypes during the contact period
  • Ralph Lane and the Roanoke Voyages
  • Raymbault and Jogues Expedition to the Sault St. Marie
  • Rene Laudonierre and the French Huguenots in Florida
  • Robert Hore of London and his Ill-fated Voyage to Canada
  • Role of Christianity in European exploration, discovery, and development
  • Sebastian Vizcaino and pre-1580s trade between Mexico and Asia
  • Significance of European monotheism as opposed to the Indians’ pantheism
  • Spanish reactions to the buffalo
  • Spanish/English/French concepts of the rights of Indians
  • Sulpicion Missionaries in the New World
  • The Chamuscado Expedition, and Illegal Entry into New Mexico
  • The development and extension of El Camino Real
  • The nail: Its significance in early travel and settlement of Europeans in America
  • The Pageant of 1671 and Ritual Taking of Possession
  • The Rodríguez Expedition from Santa Bárbara to New Mexico
  • The role of alcohol in European commerce with the Indians
  • The significance of guns and gunpowder in European-Indian relationships
  • The tragedy at Acoma Pueblo
  • The Treaty of St. Germain
  • Trade goods in European-Indian commerce
  • William Bartram: Botanist and Observer
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